Yasam-Leonidas Ayavefe: Sharing is important!

yasam ayavefe

With many business plans focusing on environment and sustainability, but also IT business and tourism, Yasam-Leonidas Ayavefe explains to Portnet why he chooses Greece.
He describes his future business plans and gives a powerful reply in the first question we pose to him, regarding the donations he made during the Coronavirus Crisis: «I believe power of sharing is important and that way, the ones that are being at the dark side of the life are going to get better».

You donated many hygienic items, especially to Piraeus but also to Great Britain, during the coronavirus crisis. People wonder why?
Back in April when this pandemic affected everyone’s life in the community, I just didn't want to keep silent to key workers’ desperation in need of PPEs (personal protection equipment) so I have done my best to support all workers at the frontline. I regained my health 2 years ago after an urgent operation, everyone was doing their best and they were really helpful. That way I would like to show my appreciation by taking fast reaction to those organisations who are helping to people whose life’s disturbed.
I believe power of sharing is important and that way, the ones that are being at the dark side of the life are going to get better. Many pandemics have occurred in history, but for the first time regardless of religion, language, race, country, human beings feel that they are on the same boat. It is obvious the fact that success goes through unity and solidarity in this struggle. In this context, with my most sincere feelings, besides the countries and borders, I am very happy and pleased to deliver my help to the individuals in need, especially the ones at the frontline fighting for us. I am always keen to help others and I have always been interested in the wellbeing of others so I have taken my first steps of the charitable organization along with my volunteer staff and connections in different countries during Covid-19 Pandemic and helped to the vulnerable people, communities and organizations directly in different countries.

Why did you prefer to live in Greece and not in another country?
I have been regularly visiting Greece in the past and I was always leaving my heart behind in this country when I was leaving. With the cultural and historical background of Greece, 300 days sunshine, always tasty foods, very good climate and friendly environment, I always felt and enjoyed my time until every last minute. Last but not least, response to the growth of my company has reached in the UK, I wanted to easily connect the United Kingdom and the European Union after Brexit.

What are your professional future plans?
I have been living in Greece for about a year now. Firstly, I would like to settle my life here in Athens with my family. I’ve a little daughter who is about to start her education soon. Reflecting on my previous experiences in different countries and immeasurable impact that environment you’re in makes you feel comfortable or not. Perhaps the knowledge and ability to look at the world critically and the belief in ones capacity to make positive contributions to society with aims in mind, I’m going to live in Greece for the rest of my life with my greater family including my daughter, wife, my 2 brothers who’re engineers, trilingual like myself and gained their golden visa along with their extended families. 
I believe and explored further that democratic participation of the environment is a solid foundation for which I can build my businesses and move some part of my existing businesses as well as built my life in Greece in peace. I enjoy working in the activities focusing on the environment and sustainability, therefore recently I established my new holding company Milaya Capital Greece which will be committed to making meaningful contributions to country’s environmental targets. 

I have my paper bag factory based in the UK which I’m planning to move it to Greece as we already have the contracts with very well-established companies in the EU countries this will benefit me greatly connecting the UK and EU once Brexit happens as my base will be in Greece. Additionally, my IT company based in the UK is an opportunity which enables me to hire the team of experts here in Greece, therefore I’m planning to employ around 300 individuals on both sectors. Last but not least I would like to move most of my assets and businesses from third party countries to Greece as well. Finally, I’ve a tourism investment plans focused in Mykonos and Santorini Islands.


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