BlueInvest Thematic Workshop 2020: Green Shipping

blueinvest greenshipping

A one-day virtual event featuring investors’ pitches, corporate spotlight and entrepreneurs’ pitches in which they will have the opportunity to present innovative start-ups and projects in the Blue Economy sector (green shipping, smart ports, and maritime logistics industries).

When: Wednesday, 21st October 2020
Where: Athens, Greece (online)
Co-organised by PwC and Aephoria (BlueGrowth), Greece

The event is part of the BlueInvest framework of activities to promote Blue Growth and help SMEs and start-ups access finance and business opportunities. Blue Economy is of significant importance for the EU as it will make a substantial contribution to acquiring the goals of the European Green Deal. In this regard, this thematic workshop will be an unprecedented opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and maritime stakeholders to connect and develop together innovative strategies to deal with future common challenges.

This event will be an opportunity for Blue Economy entrepreneurs to make their maritime technologies known, present their innovative projects and attract investment from the sector. In fact, they will be given a unique chance to pitch their solutions in front of a panel of investors and investment experts. At the same time, corporates will present the market needs, digital ports, upcoming trends in green shipping and how the industry could be re-shaped providing visions for the future and strategies on how to accept the challenges and seize the opportunities of EU Green Deal. The discussion will be attended by high level corporates in the blue economy from both the private and public sector.

For the first time in Greece, the 2020 edition of the BlueInvest thematic workshop will host a space for successful investors to present their funds and projects. Thus, they will be able to showcase their future plans in the sector also bringing attention on their specific needs.

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