Avanguardia, the autonomous swan-shaped luxury yacht!

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A ship shaped like a swan? If the design has surprised you, even more spectacular is its functionality. The gooseneck of the Avanguardia is fully functional, and hides more than one surprise …

This luxury super yacht is a conceptual design by the Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini, of which we already know some of his previous works, such as Linux, the modular car that can run, fly and navigate.

Lazzarini stands out for its ability to find new and surprising functionalities in conventional vehicles. The Avanguardia luxury yacht breaks with the aerodynamics of this type of ships by presenting a swan-shaped design. The most spectacular thing is that the neck and head are fully articulated. The head is the control room of the yacht, but when it lands in the sea becomes a 16-meter boat that separates from the body:

The Avanguardia is inspired by a Japanese manga from the 70s. It is 137 meters long and has five decks. In total it can carry 60 passengers, with cabins to accommodate 24 guests, 12 employees and 10 crew members.

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Intel and Rolls-Royce have announced a collaboration agreement for the construction of a global system for the navigation of autonomous ships on the high seas, called the Intelligent Awareness System.

This luxury superyacht is equipped with two electric motors on the sides and a Rolls-Royce main motor that allow it to reach a speed of 18 knots.

It has two landing strips for two helicopters, a mini-port for two electric boats that can also be used as auxiliary engines, and a garage for the luxury cars of the guests.

Although it is a conceptual model, Lazzarini Design Studio has already completed the structural design, with everything necessary to build the gooseneck boat, if a client asks for it. The cost? 500 million dollars…


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