A melodic journey through the Aegean

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Thanasis Polykandriotis and Stelios Dionisiou will take Celestyal Olympia passengers on a melodic journey through the Aegean during the new seven-night itinerary «Legendary Archipelago»

Celestyal Cruises, the number one choice for cruise travellers to the Greek islands and the Eastern Mediterranean, is delighted to reveal the first part of the programme of events on-board Celestyal Olympia, during the new seven-night itinerary «Legendary Archipelago», offering with weekly departures from the Lavrion Port and calls in Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes, and then in the Limassol port in Cyprus and Agios Nikolaos in Crete. Travelers will have the opportunity to experience a melodic journey performed by popular Greek singers, combining relaxation and fun. Throughout the cruise the entertainment program has been enriched with two Greek orchestras that will provide travelers with offer unforgettable moments.

On-board music events will begin during the cruise departure on the 5th of July, with one of the greatest Greek composers and bouzouki soloists Thanasis Polykandriotis, along with popular performer Stelios Dionisiou, accompanied by Agnes Kaloumenou. These renowned artists will hold a concert under the "stars" in the open-air spaces of the cruise ship, performing songs that offer true and authentic Greek entertainment.

Celestyal Cruises’ music events will offer travelers a unique experience of on-board hospitality and entertainment, as well as fantastic value for money (there is no charge for children up to 12 years old). The program of on-board events on Celestyal Olympia will continue on the next departures, with other live performances by renowned Greek singers to be announced in the following weeks.

For more information and bookings, visit: https://celestyal.com/el/

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